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Kale Abrahamson of Nine University Discusses The Four-Hour Workweek

Kale Abrahamson is the co-founder of Nine University, an online training program that teaches how to set up your own Amazon e-commerce business from home. In this article, Kale talks about one of his favorite books of all time, The 4-Hour Work Week* by Tim Ferris, and how it changed his life. “It’s not a how-to book,” Kale of Nine University begins. “It’s more of a “let’s-change-your-mindset-and-then-see-what-we-can-do” type of book,” he says with a smile. In my case, mindset wasn’t an issue, he adds. But the book did help me think more like an entrepreneur,” Kale says.

For those who want to work from home, Kale Abrahamson of Nine University says The 4-Hour Work Week is about starting and operating a successful, home-based business working only a few hours a week. Author Tim Ferris relays how he developed and expanded this idea into principles that can work for anybody. Now, with its newer and larger edition, The 4-Hour Work Week discusses how most people are working day-to-day, making other people rich. It teaches how to change your mindset from employee-thinking to entrepreneur-thinking. It’s this idea of a change in mindset that has helped catapult the sales to more than 2.1 million copies with translations in 40 languages worldwide, Kale of Nine University says.

With the rise of the digital evolution, this shortened-workweek concept has taken over. “It’s so easy to start your own business now,” Kale of Nine University says. The book helps because it shows you the “smart” way of working in today’s digital economy — by choosing income-generating activities and having other people do the work for you. This means prioritizing, automating, and delegating as many tasks as possible.

“One of the other things that made an impact on me,” Kale says, “was the information about virtual assistants. I had no idea there was such a thing.” Back in 2007, virtual assisting was more of a concept, he adds. Now in 2020, he says, it’s a multi-million-dollar industry. These are people working from every part of the world on any portion of an online business. You can get help with everything from social media to website creation to bookkeeping, and even marketing duties, Kale of Nine University says.

The book explores ways of creating a passive income from home using virtual assistants for the labor, Kale Abrahamson of Nine University says. It teaches the difference between working in your business and working for your business. The days of 80-hour workweeks are gone, Kale says. When you follow the principles outlined in the book, you won’t have to work 80 hours, he adds. “I know because I’ve used these principles for years,” Kale says. In fact, his company at Nine University incorporates everything he knows about working from home and setting up a real online business without breaking the bank. “It’s about working smarter,” Kale says, “and that’s exactly what we do.”

Kale Abrahamson is one of the co-founders of Nine University, an online e-commerce training program that teaches everything you ever wanted to know about starting a profitable online business selling Amazon products. Launched in April 2017 by Kale and his partner, Taylor Hiott, Nine University generates tens of millions in revenue each year for its clients and has grown to over 130 employees and contractors. Kale and his wife Samantha live in Downtown Pittsburgh and enjoy traveling the world in their spare time.

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Nine University Explains Why You Should Run Competitive Research Before Starting Your Online Business

Part of running a successful online business is doing research on your competition. However, most people aren’t aware that there is a process to doing competitive research. Nine University says learning how to do competitive research properly is well worth the effort as it saves you time and money down the road and spells the difference between success and failure in your online business. In this article, Nine University talks about the vital concepts of competitive research when starting your own online business.

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“Most people have never heard of competitive research,” Kale Abrahamson of Nine University begins. Competitive research is a part of market research that looks at the area involving your competition – what they’re offering, the terms they have, and what their business looks like. It also looks at how popular the product or service is according to Google, and what keywords are the most popular. “This will give you the metrics to tell you if your business will be successful or not,” he says. Kale says most new business owners neglect to do a proper competitive analysis. “Why wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time if your business was able to make money in today’s market?” he asks. That’s something that market research can tell you.

“I had a client that wanted to start a business recently,” Taylor Hiott of Nine University explains. “We thought it actually was a pretty good business concept, but there was very little keyword activity in Google when we researched.” This means that, although there was a local market for what we wanted to do, there just wasn’t enough interest on a national level to create a sustained income for the long term.” This isn’t bad news, he adds. “It’s actually considered good news since it keeps you from making mistakes that will cost you later down the road after you’ve invested thousands of dollars.” Some of the things are easy to figure out, Taylor Hiott of Nine University explains. These include making a list of your biggest competitors, either from your own personal knowledge or those that rank highest on Google. “I like to look at the top 10,” he says, “even though I don’t do analysis on all of them.”

Kale and Taylor’s online school, Nine University, teaches some of the things to look for when doing competitive research:

  • Determining your and your competitors’ USP (unique sales position). What is it that will set your business apart from competing businesses?
  • Learning your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Here you’ll look at what has worked in their business and what hasn’t. Sometimes competitors will have a great idea, but they’ll execute it poorly. With the proper analysis, you’ll be able to see exactly what didn’t work for them. Maybe they had an ad that wasn’t professional enough or maybe their landing page didn’t include all the necessary things that we know are needed for the highest conversions. “Or maybe their campaigns didn’t include retargeting, or they retargeted the wrong people in the wrong way.” Either way, it’s good to figure all this out ahead of time, Kale of Nine University says.
  • Finding new opportunities. By analyzing your competition’s numbers, you’ll be able to find new opportunities that they haven’t taken advantage of. It’s important to differentiate new opportunities, Taylor of Nine University says, from the things that they have tried and failed at. “There’s an app for that,” he says with a smile.
  • Gathering ideas. Some competitors don’t want to sell everything, and that’s where you can come in at. For example, instead of just having a website that specializes in NFL hats, you could add on some NFL accessories that go along with hats. This is just a simplistic example, Taylor of Nine University adds, since there’s obviously a lot involved.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, Kale and Taylor explain. Nine University teaches their students to look where your competitors sell their products, how and where they interact with their customers, where they advertise, the price range of their products and choices offered, their branding, and their delivery and distribution methods. All these things are important when you’re starting a new business, Kale of Nine University says. Even one item not researched can affect your future business, so it’s something we’re very careful with.

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Kale Abrahamson of Nine University Discusses the Importance of a Positive Mindset on the New Entrepreneur

Nearly everyone wants a side income these days, and many have started their own online business from home. Unfortunately, up to half of these businesses will fail within the first 12 months. Kale Abrahamson of Nine University is passionate about the entrepreneurial mindset and its relation to the success of a home-based business. Here, he discusses how a new business owner’s mindset can directly affect the success of his business.Nine University

Nine University’s Kale Abrahamson says that mindset is the first thing his courses teach in his online training at Nine University. “Having the right mindset can make or break you,” he says. As proof, Kale says there is one book that really stands out above the rest – that of Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto – in the New York Times Bestseller The Hidden Messages in Water*. “ApparenKale Abrahamson of Nine University Discusses the Importance of a Positive Mindset on the New Entrepreneurtly, I’m not the only one who thinks this way,” he says. Published in 2005, Hidden Messages in Water explains in detail how thoughts can change matter and was so popular it was published in 24 languages around the world.

“Some might think it’s woo-woo,” he explains quickly. “But it’s all just about the laws of nature with some quantum physics thrown in,” he says. “When you stop and think about it, it makes sense,” he continues. “Positive thinking brings more energy into your area, and this really does affect matter in a way we’re just beginning to understand.”

In his research, Dr. Emoto captured the visual changes in water and water crystals at the moment of freezing. Through the use of special micro-photography, his studies showed the direct consequences of destructive thoughts and the beauty-enhancing benefits of constructive, or positive thoughts, on the water. “It’s quite fascinating to think that inanimate objects like this can respond to your thoughts,” he says, but study after study showed the same results.

In one study that stands out, Nine University’s Kale Abrahamson says that Dr. Emoto looked at water samples that were exposed to different circumstances and conditions. He exposed the samples to various types of music and positive and negative words, both spoken and written, then photographed them upon freezing. The water crystals exposed to beautiful music, imagery, and words formed as gorgeous, uniform crystal structures full of light, while the water that had been exposed to negative experiences formed dark misshapen and disfigured crystals. Most importantly, he says, water that was ignored and not shown either positive or negative attention was the most malformed. “And with water being all around us and even our bodies being up to 70% water, it just makes sense that thoughts can affect how we feel.”

“We have borrowed some of these mindset principles for our classes,” Kale Abrahamson says. “At Nine University, our mission is to create as many successful entrepreneurs as possible, and an important part of having a successful business is having the right mindset,” Kale says that Emoto’s studies show the right kind of positive and constructive thoughts can determine whether a business fails or succeeds. “Not only that,” he says, “if we learned the practice of thinking only positive and constructive thoughts,” he concludes, “we could actually begin the change the world.”

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Nine University Review – Is It A Scam? You’re Going to Want to Read This First

What is Nine University? Very simply, it’s a huge online training and coaching package that teaches you all the strategies and everything else you’d need to know for creating a massive monthly income from your own online business selling products on Amazon.

But why not just learn this from a book or YouTube? Sure, you can do that if you have the time. In fact, I would estimate that at least 75% of the core strategies they teach can be found in some book or video somewhere. But while that’s good for some, it could prove to be detrimental to others.

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First, there’s a time factor where someone just might not have the 2 years it would take to research everything there is to know about the subject, even if they knew what to research. There are a lot of books out there, but Nine University has included it all AND condensed it down. The core techniques are where it all starts, but that’s just the beginning. It just gets better from there with personal stories about their experiences, valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way, and what is working for today’s economy. In addition, the coaching that’s also included for every student is truly invaluable to the process and something that books just can’t offer.

Second, a lot of the online information I reviewed about buying and selling Amazon products is older information and very outdated. (The people posting the information let it stay up on YouTube since these older videos have a lot of hits and makes the poster look like they’ve got a large following.) Using some of these outdated tactics that some older videos are showing will lead to frustration at best and, at worst, getting your Amazon account banned.

According to their website and social media, their students are getting crazy results. Nine University has the testimonials from past students to prove they do what they say. Now granted, I would expect that only the best results get printed on their website, but $60-$80K in revenue is fine with me, even if I would only keep half of it, and some of their customers are doing over 100k a month or more from implementing their processes.

However, students need to understand that revenue doesn’t equal income that you get to keep. There are the costs of doing business which must be included, but that’s part of any online business you’ll encounter. And I wouldn’t expect it to be a fast process. There is a learning curve involved. However, the shortcuts and hacks included with the Nine University training and coaching are based on true experience and will shorten your learning time to almost nothing.

Based on the above and after thorough research, this appears to be a highly recommended program by many, many people. By looking at their website and the tons of testimonials from their successful students, Nine University is by far the best way to go for learning how to set up an online business with selling products on Amazon.