Nine University

Nine University

Kale Abrahamson of Nine University was born in May of 1993 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Always the tallest kid in his class - Kale excelled at Basketball and was determined to attend Duke University on full scholarship by 5th grade. Kale received 30+ D1 scholarship offers during high school, eventually choosing Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.
Kale also started multiple small businesses in high school, it seemed he had the entrepreneurship itch early on. In college, Kale bounced around as Head Coaches seemingly dropped like flies around him.

From Northwestern, he landed at Drake University in his hometown. There, Kale was a 3.9 student and named a Co-Sida Academic All American -> Check out the news article here

He also scored 41 points in a game against Western Kentucky, the 2nd most in school history at the time -> Check out this link here

Crazy enough, Kale also started a successful business while simultaneously getting his M.B.A. and playing 30 minutes a game, foreshadowing the success of Nine University. The business, 515 Hoverboards, sold $75,000 worth of Hoverboards at a local mall in 42 days - outselling multiple high-end big-box retailers in the same mall.

Finally, Kale moved back East to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA to play his 5th year of college basketball. There, the ball stopped bouncing for Kale as he chose a life with his future wife, Samantha, and an active role in his Church, Amplify, in what quickly became his new home in Pittsburgh. Forced to “get a job” - Kale worked as a business consultant at a Duquesne University, teaching business owners how to successfully start and grow their businesses.

While there, Kale started his own Amazon company, and quickly scaled it to $20,000 per month in revenue. Inspired by the sales figures, Taylor Hiott came on board as a partner, and the rest as they say, is history. Kale and Taylor scaled their Amazon business beyond $80,000/mth, and eventually gave in to the dozens of requests every day on Facebook to “teach them Amazon”, forming Nine University.

Nine University started as a simple video “instruction manual” for Amazon sellers.

Today, Nine University generates tens of millions in revenue for its clients and has grown to 130 employees and contractors.

Kale is relentlessly focused on the vision of Nine University - “To grow an army of successful online entrepreneurs that can change the world, by building the most trusted online training platform on Planet Earth”.

He believes that if a basketball player like him can start multiple successful businesses, that anyone with the right coaching and work ethic should be given the tools to do the same.
Kale and his wife Samantha live in Downtown Pittsburgh and enjoy traveling the world in their spare time.

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